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  Judith Shani
Born in Haifa Israel. A.A.S in Architecture. Wizo College of Art, Haifa. Graduate of the Bat-Yam Art Institute. Art teacher, Shir-Art Gallery Rishon LeZion

Personal Affiliations
1990 - Member of the Association of Artists and Sculptors of Rishon LeZion.
1991 - Member of the Association of Artists and Sculptors of Israel.
1999 - Member of the Association I.A.C , Barcelona Spain.
Individual   Zrubavel Haviva House, Rishon LeZion 1989
Group   Artists of Rishon LeZion 1990
Group   Artists Association of Tel-Aviv 1991
Group   Rishon Center 1993
Group   ''View of the Artist'', Rishon LeZion 1994
Individual   Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv 1995
Group   The Artists House, Jerusalem 1995
Group   Painters Exhibition at The Winery Wine Festival, R 1995
Individual   Painters & Sculptors Association Israel , Tel-Aviv 1996
Group   ''Sands'' ,Rishon LeZion 1997
Group   Tova Osman Gallery, Tel-Aviv 1999
Group   "Nations, Tolerance, Fashion", Holon 1999
Individual   Rosh-Hnikra Gallery, Rosh-Hnikra 1999
Individual   1999 The Artist House, Rishon LeZion 1999
Group   Glickman House, Ramat Hasharon 2000
Group   “It Seems As If” - Yavne Gallery of Art, Yavne 2000
Individual   Gabriel House,Zemach 2001
Group   "Utopia",Tel-aviv 2004
Individual   Sheraton CityTower,Ramat-Gan 2005
Individual   Hichal Hatarbot ,Rishon LeZion 2006
Individual   Sheraton CityTower,Ramat-Gan 2007
Group   Orange Museum, Rechovot 2007
Group   Longing For Peace 2007
Group   Infinity Art,Tfachot-Mizrchi Bank 2008
Group   International Artexpo, NYC US 2008
Group   Without any Limits, Gallery Chelsea, london u.k 2009
Individual   City Hall, Rhishon Le Zion 2009